Don't worry, this isn't what you see on TV and everything can be brought to your level. Our CrossFit program is designed with getting you fit and healthy efficiently and sometimes making it fun. Constantly varied movements that complement each other to build a stronger more confident you.

You will always be working on,




And we promise you're gonna love the results.


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You don't have to be an Athlete to be Athletic.

Everyone likes having something custom, why should your fitness be any different? Tailored to each individual to work on your weaknesses through compound lifts, bodyweight movements, and plyometrics. Our ATHLX2 program is different from what you've probably seen and we can guarantee that.

​Created by former NFL Player, Kick-boxer, and Certified Personal Trainer Josh Murray, this class will push you to redefine your limits in the gym.

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Looking for a little more?

CrossFit Eternal also offers 1-on-1 Personal Training. All of our coaches have a unique background in fitness that makes them some of the best the Queen City has to offer. Let us help you get matched up with the perfect one to get exactly what you're looking for, and maybe they'll help you find something you didn't know you were missing too.