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Our Partners
The local weather forecast promises the resurrection of springlike temps and sunshine for Easter Sunday. Hallelujah, just in time for us to enjoy our annual all church picnic at Freedom Park. What to bring? Take out from Chipotle is quick and easy, b... READ MORE
Second half of the week's cool down topic: It takes 6 weeks for the human body to adjust to heat…being in the Carolina's this is something we need to pay good attention to. Coconut water is great for recovery!     &nbs... READ MORE
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I'm 20, as of last month! But my parents have always said I'm 50+ at heart. I was born and raised in Charlotte (SouthPark area, more exactly), which apparently is quite rare today because "no one in Charlotte is actually from Charlotte!"  ... READ MORE
Coach Kurto ran across this very interesting article, shared by CrossFit Endurance Master Level Coach Valerie Hunt. In his running blog, podiatrist Nick Campitelli conducted his own 2-year study on the positive effects that minimalist shoes had on on... READ MORE
CrossFit Eternal is proud to offer a plethora of products to our athletes to enhance their performance and overall experience at the Box. These partnerships include: 3FU3L: http://3fu3l.com/ BeyondTheWhiteBoard... READ MORE



Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Deficit Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

  • 101 – Your Intro to CrossFit

    CrossFit 101 is designed to give you a strong foundation to all aspects of CrossFit including olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility, endurance, and nutrition. Unless you have completed a 101 or Fundamentals course at another Affiliate, all athletes are required to take this course prior to jumping into regular classes. It’s designed for everyone; from Navy
  • Workout of the Day

    In CrossFit we call our workout of the day the “WOD.” This is the cornerstone of CrossFit workouts.  These daily classes combine gymnastics (body weight movements e.g. pull ups, pushups, air squats), weightlifting and conditioning. WODs are broken into two elements; a “B” element and a “C” element.  The “B” element is reserved for absolute strength,
  • Endurance

    In CrossFit Eternal’s Endurance classes we focus on developing cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, improving efficiency in running and rowing, supporting training for races and events and having a ton of (fast) fun. Our E-WODs may be challenging, but they are the road to speed an efficiency. Coach Matt Cagnetta has background in competitive bicycle racing, running and
  • Gymnastics

    Gymnastics WOD (GWOD), focuses on all the gymnastic elements of CrossFit. Classes include work on additional movements that aren’t commonly seen in WODs, yet are still beneficial to CrossFit-ers. The majority of these are bodyweight movements. Classes mainly consist of skill, strength, and mobility development work. Athletes will develop the strength and technique to execute specific movements,
  • Mobility

    Mobility; (mōˈbilətē): Capable of moving or being moved.Of the 10 domains of fitness, no single domain impacts any other area for good or for bad as much as Mobility. Your tight hamstrings are not only causing you issues on your squat, but they also make your running suffer. This could further lead to problems when
  • Olympic Lifting

    In Olympic class you will get hands on, one-on-one training that you aren’t always able to receive in larger regular classes. OLY class teaches the proper techniques of the most popular Olympic lifts;  the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You will become more aware of those common flaws that most athletes make when attempting these
  • Yoga

    Yoga for athletes integrates strength, balance, and flexibility.  In addition, yoga’s focus on breath and stillness of the mind, improves the athletes mental focus it takes to get through grueling WOD’s.  This all-level class incorporates specific poses to target overused and inflexible muscles.  Enhance your challenging workouts by learning how to relax tight muscles while
  • C2

    This program is for those who want a little more that just general programming.
Upcoming Events
25 Apr

CFE Runs the TuckFest 5k

Time: 18:30 pm
Coach Matt and the Box for a fun night at the NWWC!
27 Apr

Athlete Cell Camp

Community WOD at 10am Sat., April 27th in parking lot!
27 Apr

Revici River Ruckus Competition

Cheer on our 2 CFE teams in Asheville, NC!
23 May

Mid Atlantic Regionals

Cheer on the top 30 athletes from the Mid Atlantic region to advance from The Open to Regionals.
CrossFit Eternal Davidson is Open!

CrossFit Eternal Davidson is Open!

CrossFit Eternal is proud to launch our second location; CrossFit Eternal Davidson! Coach Nathan Andreu along with Josh and Kelsey Elmore have teamed up to make this incredible dream a reality. Located in downtown Davidson, our box seeks to mirror the amazing community we already have at our University location. Please e-mail mary@crossfiteternal.com or call

Magnesium and Exercise

Beginning of the week’s cool own topic!   http://www.purepharma.com/us_en/news/magnesium-intense-exercise/  

Veggie S.O.S. | Cauliflower

Veggie S.O.S. | Cauliflower

Admit it. Most of us are stuck in a vegetable rut. When is the last time you’ve tried something new? Today I’m putting the spotlight on cauliflower. Yawn? No, no….stay with me here. As was true with the lowly cabbage (http://crossfiteternal.com/?s=kg+in+the+kitchen), the cauliflower sits quietly beside it’s more colorful cousins and I must admit that

Throwback Thursday: Jim Andreu

JIM ANDREU Imagine a time where color television doesn’t exist, where you have to actually get up to change  the channel, where TV goes off the air shortly after 10, no cell phones, no caller ID. Those were dark times; people died of consumption and chased rodents to survive. Well… I was born WAY before