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Starting 2015 off in the right way, we will be putting out one blog post per month, as well a weekly tips in a video series called "just the tip." If you have any questions you would like answered, or any topics you would like discussed, please email... READ MORE
  • 101 – Your Intro to CrossFit

    CrossFit 101 is designed to give you a strong foundation to all aspects of CrossFit including olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility, endurance, and nutrition. Unless you have completed a 101 or Fundamentals course at another Affiliate, all athletes are required to take this course prior to jumping into regular classes. It’s designed for everyone; from Navy
  • Workout of the Day

    In CrossFit we call our workout of the day the “WOD.” This is the cornerstone of CrossFit workouts.  These daily classes combine gymnastics (body weight movements e.g. pull ups, pushups, air squats), weightlifting and conditioning. WODs are broken into two elements; a “B” element and a “C” element.  The “B” element is reserved for absolute strength,
  • Endurance

    In CrossFit Eternal’s Endurance classes we focus on developing cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, improving efficiency in running and rowing, supporting training for races and events and having a ton of (fast) fun. Our E-WODs may be challenging, but they are the road to speed an efficiency. Coach Matt Cagnetta has background in competitive bicycle racing, running and
  • Gymnastics

    Gymnastics WOD (GWOD), focuses on all the gymnastic elements of CrossFit. Classes include work on additional movements that aren’t commonly seen in WODs, yet are still beneficial to CrossFit-ers. The majority of these are bodyweight movements. Classes mainly consist of skill, strength, and mobility development work. Athletes will develop the strength and technique to execute specific movements,
  • Mobility

    Mobility; (mōˈbilətē): Capable of moving or being moved.Of the 10 domains of fitness, no single domain impacts any other area for good or for bad as much as Mobility. Your tight hamstrings are not only causing you issues on your squat, but they also make your running suffer. This could further lead to problems when
  • Olympic Lifting

    In Olympic class you will get hands on, one-on-one training that you aren’t always able to receive in larger regular classes. OLY class teaches the proper techniques of the most popular Olympic lifts;  the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You will become more aware of those common flaws that most athletes make when attempting these
  • Yoga

    Yoga for athletes integrates strength, balance, and flexibility.  In addition, yoga’s focus on breath and stillness of the mind, improves the athletes mental focus it takes to get through grueling WOD’s.  This all-level class incorporates specific poses to target overused and inflexible muscles.  Enhance your challenging workouts by learning how to relax tight muscles while
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Just the Tip- Front Rack Positioning

Check out the newest episode of Just the Tip. This episode we will be discussing the front rack position and how to improve it. Click the video to see more.

Wod 2015-01-24

Skill10min to Practice MU ProgressionMetcon“100 Double unders 5 rounds of Cindy 80 Double unders 4 rounds of Cindy 60 Double unders 3 rounds of Cindy 40 Double unders 2 rounds of Cindy 20 Double unders 1 round of Cindy *25 min Cap”

Wod 2015-01-23

Accessory10 Turkish Get ups on each armMetcon50 Thrusters (135/95)(RX+185/125) *Every time you drop the bar, 5 pullup penalty (RX+ 1 MU) **10 min Cap